Steve’s Country Profile Series – SERBIA

Serbia has a long tradition and history in the Balkans. Modern-day Serbia boasts some of Europe’s oldest archaeological sites. The Lepenski Vir site is believed by many archaeologists to be the cradle of European civilisation, architectural remains and artifacts found here have been dated to between 7000 and 6500 BCE. The capital city is Belgrade […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – ISRAEL

Zion, the Holy Land, the State of Israel – this small piece of land in Western Asia has as many names as the connotations it evokes around the world. It is a region regarded as holy by the world’s three major religions as well as several smaller ones, and since the year 1948 it has […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – ITALY

Italy, also known as “The Boot” is one of the most beautiful countries in the world due to its unique culture, heterogeneous landscapes and delicious food. It has been, since ancient times, among the most flourishing cultural centers of Europe, and so far it owns the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage. Italy is the […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – GREECE

Greece (official name Hellas), situated in the southeastern tip of Europe serves as the cross roads of Europe, Asia & Africa, with largest coastline in the Mediterranean basin & close to 6,000 islands, is considered the “cradle of western civilization” & the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy, theatre, Olympic games, as well as basic advances […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – ARGENTINA

ARGENTINA – A young country with a little more than two hundred years of history, called the silver jewel of the southern cone. With a population of 45 million inhabitants of which 70% are of Italian and Spanish descent, Argentina has the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes such as the Iguazu falls, one the 7 […]

News from our Partners and Qualified Vendors – Q1 2022

ConsilX has been listed in the 101 Top Southeast Asia Pharmaceutical Companies and Startups ranking. 2GL recently opened the new entity in Skopje, Macedonia. Advice Pharma has started a strong partnership in the management of international biobanking services with an international biobanking company BioRep S.r.l. (a Sapio Group company). ​​​​​​​Phoenix Clinical Research opened a new […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – JAPAN

According to Japanese legends the people of Japan are descended from the Sun Goddess. Not only so, but the land itself is characterized as divine! (1). Japan is a country that provides the world with a unique blend of past, present and future and has carefully woven external influences into its own unique culture. Japan […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – EGYPT

EGYPT – A country steeped in five thousand years of incredible history and which immediately evokes thoughts of pyramids, pharaohs, gods, and ancient treasures. It is a country with an ancient civilization whose lifeblood even through to today, is closely intertwined with that of the majestic Nile River. However, things are changing rapidly and fast-forward to […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE – is home to famous international brands such as the world renowned Singapore Airlines, locally brewed Tiger Beer and TWG Quality Teas to name just a few. Singapore is built on a solid economic foundation, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Tourism, as well as being a regional hub for Biomedical sciences and for the oil […]

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