News from our Partners and Qualified Vendors – Q1 2022

ConsilX has been listed in the 101 Top Southeast Asia Pharmaceutical Companies and Startups ranking. 2GL recently opened the new entity in Skopje, Macedonia. Advice Pharma has started a strong partnership in the management of international biobanking services with an international biobanking company BioRep S.r.l. (a Sapio Group company). ​​​​​​​Phoenix Clinical Research opened a new […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – JAPAN

According to Japanese legends the people of Japan are descended from the Sun Goddess. Not only so, but the land itself is characterized as divine! (1). Japan is a country that provides the world with a unique blend of past, present and future and has carefully woven external influences into its own unique culture. Japan […]

ConsilX has been listed in the 101 Top Southeast Asia Pharmaceutical Companies and Startups ranking

The ACROSS Team is happy to share the latest achievement of our proud partner ConsilX. The ConsilX company has been listed in the 101 Top Southeast Asia Pharmaceutical Companies and Startups ranking. We congratulate Kishore and his team!

Steve’s Country Profile Series – EGYPT

EGYPT – A country steeped in five thousand years of incredible history and which immediately evokes thoughts of pyramids, pharaohs, gods, and ancient treasures. It is a country with an ancient civilization whose lifeblood even through to today, is closely intertwined with that of the majestic Nile River. However, things are changing rapidly and fast-forward to […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE – is home to famous international brands such as the world renowned Singapore Airlines, locally brewed Tiger Beer and TWG Quality Teas to name just a few. Singapore is built on a solid economic foundation, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Tourism, as well as being a regional hub for Biomedical sciences and for the oil […]

SIRO Clinpharm partners with ACROSS Global Alliance

SIRO Clinpharm, a CRO in India announced that they have become a partner of ACROSS Global Alliance (ACROSS) and will help represent India in working towards the common goals and objectives of ACROSS in bridging a gap in the pharma service provider market. ACROSS is a global alliance of clinical research organisations (CROs) also known […]

Contributed: Trials and tribulations – the new world of decentralized trials

Asset Management Ventures’ Skip Fleshman outlines COVID-19’s impact on clinical trials and the resulting leap toward tech-enabled decentralized trials. Clinical trials have become big news this year amid the search for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. They are a critical component of helping the FDA validate that new drugs and diagnostics will be both safe and effective. […]

2-day QMS Workshop in Riga

An ACROSS Global™2-day QMS Workshop was held in Riga, Latvia from 12-13 September 2019. Quality Assurance Representatives from ACROSS member companies included Steven Bukvic (Chairman, Executive Committee – ACROSS Global; Chief Strategy Officer – Synergy CRO), Josipa Ljubičić (Head of QA Department -Marti Farm), Rossella De Paola (QA Assistant – MTA SocialMedia ) and BANU […]

Tech trends in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries in Q2 2019/Part III

The most promising areas of tech disruption in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries are Patient-faced services and new tech for Clinical trials and Healthcare providers.   HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS   Data Integration Healthcare data integration platform Innovaccer announced that it has raised an additional $10 million in funding, boosting its Series B funding round up to $35 million. The […]

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