Patient Recruitment and Retention

It’s an industry known fact, over 80% of clinical trial do not meet their original enrollment timelines due to slow patient recruitment. Sites, as small businesses, lack the resources, time, and expertise to effectively recruit patients within the Sponsor’s timelines. Multiple studies are competing for the study coordinator’s time to identify patients for the study. The difficult or labor-intensive patient identification studies are most effected. Site performance is the number one reason why clinical trials do not meet their enrollment timelines.

The COVID pandemic has put a larger burden on sites to meet their enrollment goals. Many sites are smaller in size due to people being laid off or leaving the industry. Studies are now fighting for the few hours the study coordinator has in their day. Due to this, the difficult to find patient studies are going to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Only limited, easy to implement recruitment activities will be done, causing more delays in enrollment.


Heal Mary

Heal Mary is a digital health data platform that leverages AI to help connect patients to clinical trials that meet their current health care needs. Heal Mary serves as the bridge between all stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem: from a patient who is looking for options but doesn’t know where to start, to their medical practitioners managing their care, and ultimately the clinical trial recruiters. We use NLP to provide simplified translations for patients who struggle with complex medical jargon and we implement highly effective matching algorithms to maximize the quality of the matches and results of the trial. Heal Mary creates active engagements between patients, practitioners and clinical trials – expanding the reach and accessibility of the trials.

Heal Mary started after the founder’s mom and 2 sisters were diagnosed with cancer. Using her background in digital community building and data science, the founder brought on a team of machine learning developers, digital marketing experts and life science personnel to create a patient-empowered platform.

Cassandra Hui

Founded in: 2020
Team Size: 11
HQ Country: Canada
Region of Activity: Worldwide
Speciality Services: Patient Enrollment

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