Real-World Data Collection

Real World Data (RWD) is defined as data collected outside of the context of conventional randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and the generated evidence obtained through the synthesis and analysis of these RWD is defined as real-world evidence (RWE) and may affect healthcare decision making by filling evidence gaps for regulatory decisions along a medicine’s lifecycle.

The long lasting ‘hype’ for Digital Health, has recently intersected with the ‘real world data generation’ and is providing important insights into how patients and practitioners are managing their healthcare, using healthcare products and services, including utilizing digital health technologies. Thus, the pharmaceutical industry, regulators, and health technology assessment bodies are increasingly exploring the potential of real-world data (RWD) generated by innovative digital health devices as a complementary source to generate evidence regarding the effectiveness and safety of medicines in routine clinical practice.



We at Wemedoo apply our clinical and data expertise and technological advantage to rapidly extract RDW for your clinical trial needs. Our RWD collection framework comprises of a complete ecosystem of expert services and software solutions dedicated to organizing and collecting data from various sources, such as electronic health records, disease registries, e-health devices, and even from past clinical trials and observational studies.

Our approach has been carefully designed to provide our clients with valuable leverage in decision-making and accelerate the approval paths of medical products.

Nikola Cihoric

Founded in: 2020
Team Size: 14
HQ Country: Switzerland
Region of Activity: Europe
Speciality Services: Real-World Data Collection

Advice Pharma

Advice Pharma is an EU based company that develops IT engineering solutions and provides services in the field of clinical data management. The company has many years of experience in clinical research for pharmaceuticals and biomedical firms, in the development of eCRF/EDC, clinical database and data management, data migration, and in designing IT solutions for real-world evidence generation, including IT applications for the biomedical field and in mHealth/eHealth engineering.

Advice Pharma is certified ISO13485 for the provision of services for design and development of software medical devices for Digital Therapeutics and Digital Medicine, that leveraging a GDPR compliant re-utilization of the collected data, may support the generation of massive Real World Data and Evidences.

Alessandro Ferri

Founded in: 2012
Team Size: 22
HQ Country: Italy
Region of Activity: Europe
Speciality Services: Real-World Data Collection

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