Pharmacovigilance is essential in evaluation of a new medicinal product’s safety and efficacy, before and after market placement. Through successful Clinical Trial Safety Monitoring and Post Marketing surveillance, potential risks that could harm users are defined and minimized. Each procedure, must be monitored by an experienced Pharmacovigilance vendor to ensure it follows proper assessment practice. It is crucial for the product to be proven safe once it has been made available to the public. Careful monitoring and evaluation of ADRs is the only way to establish a product as safe and effective for further public consumption.

With our organizational and technical support, we meet the individual needs of our worldwide clients. We offer a global, world-wide coverage of full pharmacovigilance services in both, clinical phase of the drug development and in post-market surveillance. Our services include LQPPV and EUQPPV services, reporting to regulatory authorities, preparing relevant safety documents and continuous monitoring of products’ safety profiles, all whilst staying compliant with the legislation of individual countries.


Marti Farm

Here at Marti Farm, we aim to optimise launch and monitoring of health innovations globally, by building a network of regulatory and compliance experts connected with technology solutions.

For the past decade, we provide consultancy services for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food supplement industry in more than 50 countries. Our team consists of carefully selected experts with extensive industry experience in pharmacovigilance, registration, clinical research, market access, medical writing, GxP, medical translations and patient support programs. We’re an internationally trusted full service CRO provider.

Sympto®, the PV safety database we have developed, helps numerous MAHs and CROs ensure drug safety around EU and the world.

We can help you forward health outcomes and employ smart resource management practices from development to compliance.

Dr. Martina Diminić Smetiško

Founded in: 2011
Team Size: 30
HQ Country: Croatia
Region of Activity: Europe
Speciality Services: Pharmacovigilance

Phoenix Clinical Research

Phoenix Clinical Research is a regional dynamic full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) established in Lebanon. Its objective is to cover the whole Middle East and North Africa region.

Phoenix CR key asset is that it combines the flexibility and responsiveness of small companies and the expertise of more than 18 years of international and Middle Eastern clinical research experience.

Phoenix CR aims to work with the most professional experts in every field, such as but not limited to, medical writing, biostatistics, health economics, regulatory services, pharmacovigilance, clinical trials monitoring and management, patient support programs, and staffing services.

We are very known for the quality of our deliverables as we aim to bring the Swiss standards to the Middle East. Our team helped rescue several clinical trials in the region after handover from other international and regional CROs.

At Phoenix CR, we are committed to be responsible global citizens.
Our greatest contribution to society is to help our clients discover and develop innovative medicines. This will help us contribute significantly to humanity by improving patients’ health.

Georges Labaki

Founded in: 2012
Team Size: 30
HQ Country: Lebanon
Region of Activity: MENA
Speciality Services: Pharmacovigilance

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