Patient Support Programmes

Therapies and medications are only as effective as the method they are prescribed in. Non-adherence to medication is recognised as one of the major factors contributing to inadequate therapy. Carefully designed Patient Support Programs help patients better understand their disease and adhere to medication. The medical staff approaches each patient individually and helps with questions and concerns related to the acceptance of the disease and treatment. Ensuring patients successfully implement their therapies reduces expenses of unnecessary hospitalizations for healthcare systems.


Marti Farm

Here at Marti Farm, we aim to optimise launch and monitoring of health innovations globally, by building a network of regulatory and compliance experts connected with technology solutions.

Our extensive PSP services include numerous patient programs (education, rehabilitation, and adherence), PSP consulting, face-to-face nurse visits, RWD collecting and processing. Each program is unique and it is designed according to the diagnosis and the mode of taking the therapy. We help our patients grasp their disease and take control of their health. Our goal is to give them access to full support and ensure healthcare utilization to enable them a longer and healthier life.

Dr. Martina Diminić Smetiško

Founded in: 2011
Team Size: 30
HQ Country: Croatia
Region of Activity: Europe
Speciality Services: Patient Support Programmes

Phoenix Clinical Research

At Phoenix Clinical Research, we are committed to providing exceptional patient care, and our Patient Support Program (PSP) is at the heart of our mission. With PSP, we go beyond traditional patient education by offering comprehensive support and resources to our patients throughout their entire journey.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to ensuring that our patients feel empowered and knowledgeable while receiving the highest level of care and support, guaranteeing risk minimization.

Georges Labaki

Founded in: 2012
Team Size: 50
HQ Country: Lebanon
Region of Activity: MENA
Speciality Services: Patient Support Programmes

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