ACROSS Global is a truly unique, global organization dedicated to providing first class services to its extensive pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare customer base.

Established in 2018, ACROSS Global focuses on four key services areas:
– CRO Services
– Speciality Services
– GxP & Business Skills Training
– GxP Auditing

Our trusted Partners (including both CROs and Speciality Services Providers) have a combined number of locations in 90+ countries worldwide.


CRO Services

ACROSS Global’s Partners provide traditional CRO services with efficient approaches to clinical trial design, conduct, oversight, recording and reporting while always ensuring human subject protection and the reliability of trial results. Refer to the CRO SERVICES tab for more details about our comprehensive range of core CRO services.

ACROSS Global focuses on providing services to small and mid-size sponsors that may not be able to afford the services of global CROs yet conducting their global study(ies) may be challenging with their limited manpower resources to manage multiple CROs to conduct a single global study and may also lack the infrastructure, and expertise to manage their
own global studies.

ACROSS Global’s Partners provide an extensive global foot-print capable of covering more than 90 countries worldwide. This global coverage ensures access to thousands of clinical investigational sites and an almost endless number of potential clinical trial subjects.

Speciality Services

In addition to ACROSS Global’s core CRO services, ACROSS Global also has a broad range of Partners that can provide Speciality Services to sponsors. Such services include but are not limited to services such as Medical Imaging, Clinical Trial Supplies, Central Laboratories, Homecare Nursing and many more. Please refer to the SPECIALITY SERVICES tab for full details about our comprehensive range of Speciality Services.

GxP Consulting & Auditing

GxP Consulting

ACROSS Global offers an extensive range of GxP and Business Skills Training. ICH-GCP E6 (R2) Section 2.8 requires “Each individual involved in conducting a trial should be qualified by education, training, and experience to perform his or her respective task(s).” ACROSS Global incorporating Pan-Asian Clinical Research Association and in collaboration
with the CRA Academy provides a broad range of high quality, engaging training courses for individuals involved in the conduct of clinical trials. Please refer to the GxP CONSULTING & AUDITING tab for full details about our comprehensive range of training courses.

ACROSS Global offers a full range of training delivery modalities, including, e-Learning, Instructor-Led Training (online and on-site), Scheduled Webinars & On-Demand Webinars.

ACROSS Global utilises only high qualified, industry experienced instructors for the delivery of its training modules. The ‘ACROSS Global Training Team’ is led by Steven Bukvic, an exceptional instructor with more than 30 years experience in the industry, 12 years dedicated to GCP training and the founder of two training organizations. Refer to the GxP CONSULTING & AUDITING tab for the profiles of our individual training instructors.

GxP Auditing

ACROSS Global has a global network of highly qualified experienced GxP auditors who can provide sponsors with a range of GxP audits, to meet specific sponsor requests. With the global distribution of auditors, the cost of on-site audits is significantly reduced with minimal travel time and associated expenses for sponsors. Refer to the GxP CONSULTING & AUDITING tab for details about our full range of comprehensive audit services as well as the profiles of our individual auditors.

ACROSS Global Partner Locations

Our ACROSS Partners cover 99 countries and provide you with access to more than 8,000 study sites and an almost endless number of potential clinical trial subjects. Whatever type or size of your organization the ACROSS Global™ Alliance makes global studies seamless.