Steve’s Country Profile Series – SERBIA

Serbia has a long tradition and history in the Balkans. Modern-day Serbia boasts some of Europe’s oldest archaeological sites. The Lepenski Vir site is believed by many archaeologists to be the cradle of European civilisation, architectural remains and artifacts found here have been dated to between 7000 and 6500 BCE.

The capital city is Belgrade and besides having an excellent offering of activities to choose from during the day, Serbia’s capital can also proudly boast about being labeled the city that never sleeps. Floating clubs on the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers offer all-night entertainment and include all musical genres.

Serbia is a true foodie’s paradise. Savoury soups and broths, vegetable dishes, pastries and meats as well as irresistible desserts are daily staples at restaurants and dining tables across the country. Rakija is the most treasured of all spirits in Serbia. This sharp-flavoured drink is indispensable on almost every dining table in the country.

Serbia is constantly evolving in the field of clinical trials and coming up with different ways to make the submission process shorter and easier for clients. By giving the possibility to submit documentation in parallel to both Central Ethics Committee and Regulatory Agency, Serbia has significantly decreased the period needed for approval of the conduct of the clinical trial. With the EU CTR enforcement, Serbia will keep up with the improvement of the shortening of regulatory submissions period.


In 2021 2 GL initiated several clinical studies in the field of cardiovascular diseases with both investigational medicines and medical devices in the territory of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. Successful cooperation between our employees and clients brought us even more requests for proposals. Our pharmacovigilance team has begun several pharmacovigilance projects for clinical studies and marketed products.


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