Steve’s Country Profile Series – JAPAN

According to Japanese legends the people of Japan are descended from the Sun Goddess. Not only so, but the land itself is characterized as divine! (1). Japan is a country that provides the world with a unique blend of past, present and future and has carefully woven external influences into its own unique culture. Japan […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – EGYPT

EGYPT – A country steeped in five thousand years of incredible history and which immediately evokes thoughts of pyramids, pharaohs, gods, and ancient treasures. It is a country with an ancient civilization whose lifeblood even through to today, is closely intertwined with that of the majestic Nile River. However, things are changing rapidly and fast-forward to […]

Steve’s Country Profile Series – SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE – is home to famous international brands such as the world renowned Singapore Airlines, locally brewed Tiger Beer and TWG Quality Teas to name just a few. Singapore is built on a solid economic foundation, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Tourism, as well as being a regional hub for Biomedical sciences and for the oil […]

Clinical Trial Budgeting Challenges and Service Catalog in Contract Research Organization.

Challenges Budgeting of a clinical trial project requires an assessment of all possible risks and a clear understanding of the project plan. It’s almost impossible to estimate the true effort required to complete a project without analysis of potential risks, which in turn determines the workload for the project and thus the final budget. Despite […]

Unique Selling Points Of A Unique Alliance

Research Professionals, Executive Committee Member. By joining ACROSS and being part of the Innovation and Technology Board, Research Professionals will have the opportunity to create value by validating its ideas on a global level. Unique selling points (USPs) are unique characteristics of a product or brand identified by the marketer as the one on which […]

Disruptive Innovation: What The Hell Is This?

Igor Stefanov CEO @ SRG CRO & A Kingsman @ ACROSS Global™ As a matter of fact this is an updated version of my old post. An Up-to-dated Repost… Seventy years ago, when TV became widespread, pundits said it would replace all the other arts and media: books, newspapers, radio, theater, cinema, all of it. […]

Blockchain in Clinical Trials: Tokens in Pharma

Igor Stefanov CEO @ SRG CRO & A Kingsman @ ACROSS Global™ Let’s take a break from risks and take a look at another promising trend which is also in the area of Synergy’s particular interest, blockchain technology. Let’s talk about tokens… Firstly, to make sure we’re on the same page, I’d like to explain […]

Clinical Study Risk Assessment: How to Predict the Unpredictable?

Igor Stefanov CEO @ SRG CRO & A Kingsman @ ACROSS Global™ I’m a system engineer by my first higher education. The diploma says “System Engineer in Design and Evaluation of Combat Aircraft”. For five years after graduation from university I was involved in top secret work on the optimization of all Russian combat aircrafts. […]

Clinical Trials in Russia Up 17%

Igor Stefanov CEO @ SRG CRO & A Kingsman @ ACROSS Global™ The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation approved the initiation of 184 new clinical trials of all types in Russia during Q3 2018, including local clinical trials (LCT) and bioequivalence (BE) studies with an overall year on year growth rate of 17% […]

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