Unique Selling Points Of A Unique Alliance

Research Professionals, Executive Committee Member.

By joining ACROSS and being part of the Innovation and Technology Board, Research Professionals will have the opportunity to create value by validating its ideas on a global level.

Unique selling points (USPs) are unique characteristics of a product or brand identified by the marketer as the one on which to base a promotional campaign are often used in a product differentiation approach to promotion.

Press release, October 5, 2018
”ACROSS Global is a strategic alliance of clinical research organizations (CRO) that extends across the world. Twelve CRO members across 95 countries provide you with access to 1,500+ study sites and almost endless number of potential clinical trial subjects. ACROSS’ 1,300+ employees are fully dedicated to the highest standards of conducting cost-effective clinical trials across the globe. The well-balanced combination of local knowledge, globally experienced professionals and the latest technology allows our clients to conduct faster, cost-effective studies without sacrificing quality. Whether for small or mid-size Pharma and Biotech, the ACROSS Global Alliance makes global studies seamless.”

According to Synergy CSO and ACROSS Chairman Steven Bukvic, “ACROSS sets out to disrupt the norms of traditional global clinical trial delivery. Listening to and understanding clients’ needs, implementing agile risk-based approaches to project management and operations, as well as adopting innovative technologies to initiate and deliver clinical trials with both speed and professionalism, ACROSS delivers a clear competitive advantage to our clients.”

During the period preceding the inaugural meeting, all founding members were invited to bring to the global table their USPs, in addition to their industry experience and regional footprint, in order to share their individual contributions to the technological advancements in the industry.

Research Professionals Ltd, a Hungary based CRO covering Central Eastern Europe, through its branch offices in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, combines innovation with patient centricity and human resource management with soft skill competency assessment.

The company implements the highest quality standards into its home care services, protecting the safety and well-being of clinical trial subjects as set in ICH-GCP. By taking the protocol visits to the subjects’ homes or alternative convenient sites, Research Professionals offers the possibility of participation in clinical trials for the greater population, including for children, elderly and people suffering from rare diseases. In global projects managed by ACROSS Global, the potential subjects would benefit from the advantages of a study protocol and conduct that does not interfere with their everyday life.

High quality in project management and operations can be achieved only with competent team members whose soft competencies also match the expectations of potential sponsors or employers. Research Professionals has developed an online, structured HR database for pharma professionals and companies that offer automated employee-employer matching, validated biographies, soft competency mapping, and gamification for an enjoyable recruitment experience. The database, known as HIPER, is a smart tool for effortless soft skill testing and self-development.

By joining ACROSS and being part of the Innovation and Technology Board, Research Professionals will have the opportunity to create value by validating its ideas on a global level. Our shared goal is for all stakeholders in the clinical research industry to benefit from the use of new innovative products and services.