Speciality Services

Our Speciality Services offering includes the comprehensive suite of services to accelerate clinical trials which are being provided by our trusted Partners across the Globe.

Bio Repository Services

A biorepository is a laboratory facility devoted to the processing and storing of human tissue samples. Biorepository services include storage infrastructure, flow management, and location and management of sample demographic data.

Clinical Trial Supplies

We tailor our services to meet the exact needs of each clinical trial, which we oversee from start to finish: from logistics planning, comparator sourcing, and inventory control to packaging and labelling and project budgeting.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralization has the primary goal of making clinical trial participation as easy as possible, enabling participants to continue with their day-to-day lives with minimal disruption. This brings in huge challenges in patient recruitment and retention.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Solutions

DTx products may expand access to proven therapies, offer treatment options for un- or undertreated conditions, and empower patients with self-management tools. They are used independently or in concert with medications, devices, or other therapies to optimize patient care.

Homecare Nursing

Home health nursing is a cost-efficient way to deliver quality care in the convenience of the client’s home. Home health care is intended for patients that are well enough to be discharged home, but still require skilled nursing personnel to assess, initiate and oversee interventions.

Medical Imaging Services

AI can improve the diagnostic process around the world. High quality data is a critical factor in every clinical trial and the capabilities of Medical Imaging are delivering that. The ACROSS partners who have this expertise offer the innovation of the tech advances.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

It’s an industry known fact, over 80% of clinical trial do not meet their original enrollment timelines due to slow patient recruitment. Sites, as small businesses, lack the resources, time, and expertise to effectively recruit patients within the Sponsor’s timelines.

Patient Support Programmes

Carefully designed Patient Support Programs help patients better understand their disease and adhere to medication. We go beyond traditional patient education by offering comprehensive support and resources to our patients.

Pharmacovigilance Services

Pharmacovigilance is essential in evaluation of a new medicinal product’s safety and efficacy, before and after market placement. Through successful Clinical Trial Safety Monitoring and Post Marketing surveillance, potential risks are defined and minimized.

Product Registration Services

Whether the registration of the product is for the US market (via FDA), EU (via EMA) or other national regulatory bodies across the world, ACROSS Global can assist you with your specific product registration requirements. We have expertise across medicines, vaccines and MD.

Real-World Data Collection

Real World Data (RWD) is defined as data collected outside of the context of conventional randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and the generated evidence obtained through the synthesis and analysis of these RWD is defined as real-world evidence (RWE).