Overview of Drug Development

The webinar provides delegates with an understanding of a typical drug development process and in particular helps delegates understand where clinical research is positioned within the wider development process.

The course is designed for delegates who are completely new to conducting clinical research studies.

Price: $88


SCHEDULED DATE: 22/08/2024 | 12:00 am GMT

Knowledge Area: general-drug-development

Type: scheduled-webinar

Trainer: Steven Bukvic |


This concise, informative webinar will provide you with an easy-to-understand introduction to the generic drug development process from ‘molecule to medicine’. Starting with discovery research, through pre-clinical (animal) testing and then clinical (human) research, the webinar takes you on a simple path to help you understand the various stages within the drug development process. Furthermore, and importantly, the webinar helps you to better appreciate the positioning of clinical research within the broader drug development process and provides you with a clear understanding of the various phases of clinical research.

The webinar is extremely well structured, easy to follow, with frequent polls, appropriate references (for additional knowledge), as well as useful hints and tips.

The webinar is presented by our experienced instructor, Steven Bukvic, who has almost 25 years experience as a trainer in the international arena. With a clear British accent, Steven has adjusted his speech over the years to accommodate the needs of non-native English speakers. He is regularly complimented for his clear, understandable, and friendly delivery style.

Webinar Content

  • Introduction
  • Webinar Objectives & Structure
  • The Key Drivers for Drug Development
  • The Drug Development Process
  • Discovery Research
  • Pre-Clinical Development
  • Clinical Development
  • Technical Development
  • Product Registration
  • Questions & Clarifications