Introduction to ICH-GCP E6 – Understanding the Study Cycle

An introduction to ICH-GCP E6 as explained through a typical study cycle.

The course is designed for delegates who are completely new to conducting clinical research studies.

Price: $88


SCHEDULED DATE: 04/06/2024 | 12:00 am GMT

Knowledge Area: gcp

Type: scheduled-webinar

Trainer: Steven Bukvic |


This colourful and engaging webinar will provide you with an easy-to-understand introduction to key aspects of the ICH-GCP E6 guidelines. In addition to providing a basic understanding of the history and development of ICH-GCP E6, the webinar includes multiple visual aids to help delegates understand various aspects of ICH-GCP E6. The key visual aid is a unique tool, ‘The GCP Wheel’ (see insert) that takes the delegate through a typical study cycle and in the process highlights key aspects of ICH-GCP E6.

The webinar is extremely well structured, easy to follow, with frequent polls, appropriate references (for additional knowledge), as well as useful hints and tips. The webinar includes a 15-minute break.

The webinar is presented by our experienced instructor, Steven Bukvic, who has almost 25 years experience as a trainer in the international arena. With a clear British accent, Steven has adjusted his speech over the years to accommodate the needs of non-native English speakers. He is regularly complimented for his clear, understandable, and friendly delivery style.

Webinar Content

  • Introduction
  • Webinar Objectives & Structure
  • A Brief History of ICH-GCP E6 R2
  • A Review of the Structure & Principles of ICH-GCP E6 R2
  • The GCP Wheel – A typical ‘Study Cycle’
  • Questions & Clarifications